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Errata 17.07.2013


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Student Competitions

Mechanical Engineering Competitions

Challenge Yourself India 2013 Scholarship Competition

2013 Ed Bacon Student Design Competition

2013 Student Design Project Competition–conferences/student-zone/design-competition

NASA Space Settlement Contest :        ——–


Contest Watchers  ———

International Conference on “Learning and Application” - Arts, Culture, Science, Technology, Management and Social Development &  culty Development Programme: ——–

Student Competition by Anuragam 2012 -2013


Faculty Competition by Anuragam 2012 -2013





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agash70 :

  1. In page No.202, It is mentioned that the combined I and II law relation 16.16 holds good for both reversible and irrversible process. How?
    The equal sign is applicale for only reversible process. Is it not?

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Recent Thermodynamic News

Science Made Simple: Thermodynamics :

Second law of thermodynamics “broken” :

Royal Society award for engineering expert :

Fox News Distorts Physics & Law Of Thermodynamics :



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History of Thermodynamics 







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Kathiravan, K S R College of Technology, Thiruchengode : Entropy and Enthalpy

Dear sir,

want to know the definition of entropy and enthalpy with example? because i have seen lot of books, no one is giving the entropy and enthalpy definition and examples.

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Bhavanesh Kumar from TJS Engineering College : Temperature Scale

Dear Sir,
I just want to ask a doubt why we are not finding the relation ship between fahrenheit and kelvin scale by using the ice point  and steam point of water?
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