Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1ENG 613English I3
2BBAAM 6123Introduction to Aviation Management3
3BBAAM 6133Introduction to Accounting3
4EPP 633English for Professional Purposes3
5MPU 3113 /MPU 3163Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS) / Malay Communication3
6BBAAM 6213Introduction to Financial Management3
7ENG 623English 23
8BBAAM 6233Human Resources Management3
9MPU 3123/ MPU 3173Ethics Relations/ Malaysian Studies 33
10BBAAM 6253Company Law3
11BBAAM 6313Organizational Behavior3
12BBAAM 6323Introduction to Airline Operations3
13BBAAM 6333Microeconomics3
14BBAAM 6343Aviation Law and Aircraft Rules and Regulations3
15BBAAM 6253Research Methodology3
16BBAAM 6413International Business Management3
17BBAAM 6423Quantitative Methods3
18MPU 3342Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
19BBAAM 6443Project Management3
20BBAAM 6453Air Traffic Control3
21MPU 3232Leadership Skills and Human Relation2
22BBAAM 6523Innovation Management for Global Competitiveness3
23BBAAM 6533Management Information System3
24BBAAM 6543E-Commerce3
25BBAAM 6553Logistics and Air Cargo Management3
26BBAAM 6563Retail Management3
27BBAAM 6613Airline Finance and Aviation Insurance3
28MPU 3452Community Service2
29BBAAM 6633Consumer Behavior3
30BBAAM 6643Entrepreneurship3
31BBAAM 6653Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming3
32BBAAM 6713Aircraft Design and Performance3
33BBAAM 6723Aircraft Design and Performance3
34BBAAM 6733Strategic Management3
35BBAAM 6743Airline and Travel management3
36BBAAM 6753Sociology3
37BBAAM 6813Airport management3
38BBAAM 6823Airline and Airport Marketing Management3
39BBAAM 6833Air Transport Safety and security3
40BBAAM 6843Aircraft maintenance & Crew Management3
41BBAAM 6916Project Work6
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