Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Hons)

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1BBA 1113Business English I3
2BEF 111Personal Financial Planning3
3MPU3113/ MPU 3163Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS)/ Malay Communication3
4MPU3123/ MPU 3173Ethnic Relations/ Malaysian Studies3
5BBA 1153Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming3
6BEF 115Business Mathematics3
7BEF 121Introduction to Financial Accounting3
8BEF 122Public Speaking3
9BBA 1233Internet Fundamental & Applications3
10MPU 3232Leadership Skills and Human Relation2
11BBA 1253Business English II3
12BBA 1263Sociology3
13BEF 131Basic Marketing3
14BEF 132Industrial Product Design and Innovation3
15BEF 133Microeconomics3
16BEF 134Organizational Management3
17BEF 241Business Law3
18BEF 242Organizational Behaviour3
19BEF 243Operation Management3
20BEF 244Basic Entrepreneurship3
21BEF 245Financial Management3
22MPU 3342Government and Public Policy Malaysia2
23MPU 3452Community Service2
24BEF 252Business Ethics3
25BEF 251Cost Accounting3
26BEF 261Professional Communication3
27BEF 262Basic Econometric3
28BEF 263Intermediate Macroeconomics3
29BEF 264Development Economics3
30BEF 371Corporate Finance3
31BEF 372International Business3
32BEF 373Econometrics3
33BEF 374Strategic Management3
34BEF 375International Economics3
35BEF 381Money and Banking3
36BEF 382Labour Economics3
37BEF 383International Finance3
38BEF 384Financial Markets and Institutions3
39BEF 385Security Investment and Portfolio Management3
40BEF 391Research Methods3
41BEF 392Project Work6
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