Bachelor of Psychology

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1BEL 1003English I3
2BPSY 1123Introduction to Psychology3
3BPSY 1133Community & Mental Health3
4BPSY 1143Biological Basis of Behavior3
Elective (Choose any one module from the following):
5MPU 3113Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (Elective)3
6MPU 3163Malay Communication 3 (Elective)3
Elective (Choose any one module from the following):
7MPU 3123Ethnic relations (Elective)3
8MPU 3173Malaysian Studies 3 (Elective)3
9BEL 2003English 23
10BPSY 1223Educational Psychology3
11BPSY 1233Environmental Psychology3
12BPSY 1243Personality and Psychopathology3
13BPSY 1253Psychological Statistics3
14BPSY 1263History of Psychology3
15BTC 243Introduction to Computer3
16BPSY 1323Study Skills3
17BPSY 1333Motivation & Emotion3
18BPSY 2113Developmental Psychology3
19MPU 3232Leadership Skills and Human Relations3
20BPSY 2133Child and Adolescent Psychology3
21BPSY 2143Research Methods in Psychology3
22BPSY 2153Abnormal Psychology3
23BPSY 2213Social Psychology3
24BPSY 2223Theories of Psychology3
25BPSY 2233Health & Psychology3
26MPU 3342Government and Public Policy Malaysia3
27BPSY 2253Psychological Sensation & Perception3
28BPSY 2313Psychological Assessment3
29BPSY 2323Behavioral Psychology3
30BPSY 2333Communication Skill3
31BPSY 3113Guidance & Counseling I3
32BPSY 3123Basic Psychological Processes I3
33BPSY 3133Industrial-Organizational Psychology3
34MPU 3452Community service3
35BPSY 3153Learning Disabilities3
36BPSY 3213Behavioral Organization3
37BPSY 3223Group Therapy and Family Counseling3
38BPSY 3233Guidance and Counseling II3
39BPSY 3243Public Speaking3
40BPSY 3253Basic Psychological Process II6
41BPSY 3326Research Project6
42BPSY 3336Industrial Training6
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