Master of Business Administration (Global Business)

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1MKT7013Global Marketing Management3
2MGT7023Business Strategic Management3
3MGT7033Business Research Methodology3
4ECO7043Business Economics3
5ORG7053Organizational Behavior3
6MGT7063Risk Management In International Business3
7MGT7073Business Ethics and Law3
8ACC7083Business Accounting & Finance3
9HRM7093International Human Resource Management3
10MGT7103Global Leadership Management3
11MGT7113Service Operation Management3
12MGT7123Quantitative Methods For Business Study3
13MGT7136Graduate Research (Thesis Option)6
14MGT7143Applied Research (Non-Thesis Option)3
15MGT7153Contemporary Trend and Issues In International Business Industry3
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