Master of Education

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1MEDU 1113Psychological Foundation of Education3
2MEDU 1123Research and Writing Education3
3MEDU 1133Information Technology In Education3
4MEDU 1143Theories in Education3
5MEDU(C I) 1213Curriculum & Instruction- Educational Psychology3
6MEDU(ELM) 1213Leading Educational Change and Improvement3
7MEDU(ELM) 1223Researching Educational Leadership and Management3
8MEDU(ELM) 1243Mentoring and Coaching3
9MEDU(C I) 1223Cultural & Educational Policy Studies for higher education3
10MEDU(C I) 1233Fundamentals and Principles of Curriculum Design3
11MEDU(C I) 1243Educational organization & Management3
12MEDU(ELM) 1233Policy, Strategy and Resources in Education3
13MEDU 1253Research Methodology3
14MEDU 1323Educational Administration3
15MEDU 1313Philosophical & Sociological Foundations of Education3
16MEDU 1343Project Work 13
17MEDU 1333Educational Measurement and Evaluation3
18MEDU 2413Psychology of Education3
19MEDU 2423Project Work 23
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